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The zone delivery USA is terrible buyer beware. Rude unprofessional derogatory, and that's just describing the owner.

Don't be surprised if this place goes under. Do not trust the website the owner is the only person who answers customers from his blackberry. If you are looking to have meals prepared and sent to your home, this is not it. Stay away and save yourself the hassle and almost harassing emails that they respond with.

My opinion give them another year and they will be belly up. Do not again do not bother there are plenty more meal options available

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Patchogue, New York, United States #645492

Brenda, I just checked our records and you were never a customer of ours, why would you write a comment bashing us and promoting Zen foods, oh that's right, you work for Zen foods, you really shouldn't post comments like this, it spoils the internet to where no one believes anything on the internet, maybe you are dating a french model as so in the State Farm commercial. We here at Zone Delivery USA see customer service as our #1 Priority, if anyone has had a bad experience or would like to discuss any situation fell free to contact me, Mike Naples at 1-866-343-8321, Zone Delivery USA.


Agreed - in the middle of having a HORRIBLE experience myself right now. Rude, unprofessional and terrible food to boot.

AND they only post their phone # in letters, which doesn't mean anything on a Bberry - but if it's the same person answering the phone that sends emails - I'm out of luck anyway.

STAY AWAY!! Zen foods is way better - actually every meal delivery service I have tried has had better customer service.

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